The Web Doesn't Sleep!
              Neither Should Your Business!

The passion you’ve put into your business has bordered on uncontrollable. But in an online world that is 24/7, the company you choose to create your web presence needs to be even more intense. Our obsession for custom web design and application development is outright fanatical. Since our early days as a web design company we have been committed to making web sites everything they should be - beautiful, functional, extraordinary. Anything less and we just couldn’t sleep at night.

Whether you're looking to establish your online presence or need an updated identity, We provide full-service designs for companies of all sizes. We employ professional graphics, effective copy, follow the latest industry standards and effective best search engine practices for development.

We feel gratified to bring a Cost-Effective Business Promotional Service for the Business & People of Pakistan. Now you can Show-Case your Business, Products & Services at an extremely and unbelievable Low-Cost!

With the basic features we are offering, you can get your Business, Products or Services a complete website (see Features Included In All Plans) at as low as Pak. Rs. 2,400/Year.

So don't wait, get your Business Online Today! Specially when its free for 3 months (see Free Website + Marketing Offer)

Your-Business-Name.eLIFE.PK (@Pak. Rs. 2,800/Year)
Sub-Domains Available On:
eLIFE.PK, eKHI.PK, eLHR.PK, eKPK.PK PROs.PK, more domains coming soon
(Rs. 3,500 - 20% (Promotional Discount): 3,500 - 700 = Pak. Rs. 2,800/Year)

Your-Business-Name.eKARACHI.PK (@Pak. Rs. 2,400/Year)
Your-Business-Name.eLAHORE.PK (@Pak. Rs. 2,400/Year)
(Rs. 3,000 - 20% (Promotional Discount): 3,000 - 600 = Pak. Rs. 2,400/Year)

Please Note: There will be no Ad-Banners on registered sites.

Features Included In All Plans

  • 1 Sub-Domain.
    e.g. YrBizName.eLIFE.PK or YrBizName.eKARACHI.PK or YrBizName.eLAHORE.PK (more City-Domain-Names coming soon)
  • 3 or More Fully Functional, Fully Developed Static Pages:
    i.e. Home, About Us, Products or Services, Contact Us, etc.
    Without Banners or Google© AdSense™ or like-wise account-setup.
  • Upto 5 eMAIL Addresses Forwarding.
    e.g. all incoming emails at "Info@YrBizName.eLIFE.PK" forwards email to ""
  • Upto 5 Time Updates or Changes/Year.
    Afterwards Rs.500/Update.
  • No Need To Pay Any More! Each time you refer a friend to us and upon successful registration you'll get Three(3) Months Extension to your service expiry date.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Always confirm with us about your Registration Status & Name of Person Collecting Payments before doing any payments!!!

Available Add-ONs

  • Unlimited eMAIL Address Forwarding: Rs. 1000/Year.
  • Your Sub-Domain based 3 SMTP/POP3 Accounts: Rs. 500/Year (250mb Quota/Account)
    Additional SMTP/POP3 Accounts: Rs.100/Year.
    Additional Quota Rs.100/100mb (Max Quota 1GB).
  • 1 FTP Account: Rs. 500/Year.
  • Map Your BLOGGER.COM BLog to Your Sub-Domain: Rs. 1000/Setup.
    e.g. or or Comedy At Its Best!
  • Google© AdSense™ Account Setup: Rs. 5000/Sub-Domain.
  • Special Requirments: Charges quoted as per requirments.

Affiliate Program

Like To Earn Good-Solid Income?...      Yes!?
Well, affiliate programs are coming soon! So Stay Tuned! :) or drop a line @ Affiliate Program

Free Website (Limited Time Offer)

We are delighted to offer An Un-Matched, Unique & Special Gift for you Business. A special gift of Three Month of 100% Free Developed Website with 100% Free Sub-Domain.

This is a limited time offer and 100% free; so don't wait & be the first to get your business a free website, a free online-publicity & showcase your Business, Product & Services to billions of people around the globe!

All you need to do is email us the below mentioned details @ Info@eLIFE.PK with the subject line: "Zero Cost Website!" And we'll be happy to get your website up & running in no time :)

Please make sure that all the required (marked with *) details needs to be sent via email to successfully process/develop your website. The details are:

  • * Your Full Name & Your Business Name.
  • * Your Business Address, Telephone Nos., Mobile Nos. & eMail Address.
  • * Your Business Profile & Products/Services Details.
  • Scanned Copy of Proprietor/Owner Business Card, Brochure & Product Images.
  • Any Suggested Name for your Internet Sub-Domain Name.
    e.g. Your-Business-Name.eLIFE.PK like:
            NGS.eLIFE.PK or Nice-Gifts.eLIFE.PK for "Nice Gift Shop" or
            ALA.eLIFE.PK or Ali-Law-Associates.eLIFE.PK for "Ali Law Associates"

This Is A Limited Time Offer & 100% Free. So Don't Wait! And Get Your Business A Free Website, A Free Online-Publicity & Reach Out To Billions Of People Around The Globe!!! And Also Share This Great Offer With Your Friends.

Contact Us

Contact Us at +92313 88-38.266 (+92313 UT-DT.COM), +92213-543-7181
P.O. Box No. 17911, Karachi, Pakistan.
or eMail Your Queries @ Cost-Effective Websites!

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